ANTELOPE (CBS13) – An man is accused of breaking into a home and getting into bed with a girl who lives there. Neighbors we spoke to were in shock.

“It kind of just runs down your spine, like wow, you know,” said Scott, a neighbor.

Neighbors are appalled at the charges.

“The guy, if he was caught, should be hung,” said Peggy Angerer, a neighbor.

They say what 25-year-old Harvinder Badesha allegedly did inside an Antelope home is every parent’s worst nightmare.

“That hits home when it’s right down the street,” said Scott.

Investigators tell CBS13 that under the cover of darkness, Badesha allegedly went to the home early Sunday morning, hopped the fence, pried off a window screen, climbed through an unlocked window and began creeping through the house.

“It’s just wrong,” said Scott.

He’s accused of walking upstairs past the mom’s bedroom and straight for the little girl’s room and then allegedly climbed into her twin-sized bed with her. She was still asleep.

“It’s terrible that we’ve got somebody like that in our neighborhood,” said Angerer

Startled, she jumped out of bed and woke up her mom. They called police and he was arrested.

“People that does that they don’t need another chance,” said Angerer.

The suspect lives about five blocks away from the victim’s home. His family says she has been arrested for DUI in the past.

Investigators say his brother said he was probably drunk.

“He wasn’t that drunk,” said a neighbor.

One neighbor who didn’t want to be identified call it a lame excuse.

“To be able to pull off a screen, climb through the window, walk by somebody’s bedroom and crawl into a twin-sized bed with an 11-year-old child. He wasn’t that drunk,” she said.


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