SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A video posted to YouTube shows coaches from two youth football teams fighting after a game this weekend at Grant High School.

According to the post on YouTube, the game was between the Grant Chargers and the San Francisco Jr. 49ers of the NorCal Youth Football and Cheer league.

The video of the fight shows mostly yelling and pushing, but at one point about 50 seconds into the clip, a coach for the San Francisco team bull-rushes a Grant coach and knocks him to the ground. A woman trying to calm things down was caught in the melee.

The woman who took the video said she couldn’t believe coaches would act so childish.

“Everyone was yelling ‘These are kids!’ It went in one ear and out the other,” said Octavia Thomas, whose 13-year-old stepson Nicolas plays on the Grant team.

Octavia says these coaches are supposed to set a higher standard.

A lot of these kids put their heart and soul into football. She says they don’t have much in their Del Paso Heights neighborhood, and now they are even losing faith in the sport that kept their spirits high.

“A lot of kids don’t have parents in their lives so they’re looking at coaches to be role models and examples,” she said. “Then something like this happens. It kind of gives them the wrong idea of what you’re supposed to do.”

Warning: Graphic language


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