FRENCH CAMP (CBS13) – The remains of a Speed Freak Killers’ victim turned over to a mother turned up at least one victim that law enforcement never knew about.

The remains were uncovered earlier this year, but not discovered until a mom started asking questions.

Not only is San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore refusing to talk to CBS13, but one of his staffers told our news crew to leave when we started asking questions.

Families are furious and everyone wants to know how remains could be returned to family mixed with other victims, especially when there may be victims the sheriff’s department doesn’t even know about.

“We’re not doing any interviews right now. We are closed right now,” said a sheriff’s department employee Thursday.

The last two days, CBS13 has been asking for an interview with Moore, but after several requests and no returned calls, CBS13’s Laura Cole headed to the sheriff’s department to get answers.

Cole then waited 45 minutes before being escorted out.

“You’re basically throwing me out of the building and not giving me any answers,” Cole said.

“I’m not throwing you out of the building. It’s closed right now, so I’m just escorting you out of the building,” said the employee.

CBS13 obtained a 33-page report from the Chico Human Identification Lab showing the remains given to JoAnn Hobson’s family “consist of a minimum of three individuals.”

The sheriff’s department either doesn’t know or won’t say how it happened.

“I have no comment on anything until the facts come out. So, I’m all done with this interview. The sheriff’s department is working very hard for the families, but we are making sure that we get clear, concise facts,” said the employee.

But Hobson’s mother, Joan Shelley, believes she knows what happened. She claims the sheriff’s department called her family several times asking whether they were going to have Hobson buried or cremated.

“Well, why would anybody be interested except for her sisters? What I’m going to do with JoAnn’s remains, that is our private thing,” said Shelley. “I think they were hiding stuff and I think they have been hiding stuff for a long, long time.”

Now Shelley is on a mission to help identify any other victims, to help bring them home to their families, something the sheriff’s department failed to do.

The sheriff’s department said in a press release it will continue to collect facts and will probably have a media release next week.


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