By Steve Large

DAVIS (CBS13) – It’s hard for anyone to believe that a garden grown by third graders was targeted by vandals.

Those students are replanting and recounting the hard work they’ve already put in.

There’s Richey, Cole and Alexandra. They’re all in the third grade, and they are all victims, along with their classmates, of a bizarre crime.

“It was like, hurtful. It was really hurtful,” said Richey.

Someone broke into their Merryhill Elementary School garden.

“We did a lot of work,” said Alexandra.

And, they tore it up.

“People shouldn’t be doing that to anyone’s garden,” said Alexandra.

The kids had planted the vegetables themselves.

“I planted the lettuce and I built the bird house,” said Cole.

“Me and Cole helped plant the lettuce,” said Alexandra.

“I planted the carrots myself,” said Richey.

So, who would want to destroy these little kids’ creations?

“What happened after that was the third graders wrote a letter to the editor of the Davis Enterprise, and after the letter was in the paper, two days later it happened again,” said Claudette Landry, Merryhill Elementary School prinicipal.

Someone hit the school garden, not once but twice.

“Why do you have to do this to ours? And, why strike a next time,” said Richey.

The kids have left a polite message up for their intruder that their garden is “for eyes only. Thank you.”

“I would like to say, that if you people would really have to stop,” said Richey.

This lesson in growing a garden, ripped out by the roots, has left the kids to wonder, what kind of a world is this?

“How would they feel if somebody ruined their garden?” said Richey.

The students now also know how to file a police report after they turned that into a class project as well.

Davis police are working on finding the “Veggie Vandal.”


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