FRENCH CAMP (CBS13) – A local woman is demanding an investigation into the San Joaquin County Sheriff because she says the sheriff is disrespecting the dead and failing to protect his community.

This comes a day after our CBS13 exclusive when the remains of a Speed Freak Killers’ victim was returned to her mother, only for her to find out the remains of other victims were mixed in.

Marie Gillit’s father vanished in 1993 and she thought if her father’s remains were ever found, she might find out from investigators, maybe from the sheriff, but never from a mother of another missing person.

“She’s a hero in my book,” said Gillit.

Gillit has never met Joan Shelley, but she feels a strong connection with the woman who may have helped solve the mystery of so many missing.

She feels that JoAnn Hobson’s family is doing the job that law enforcement should have been doing all along.

Shelley waited 30 years to find her daughter, and then months to get her remains.

However, she didn’t bury Hobson. Instead, Shelley teamed up with retired FBI agent Jeff Rinek, sending the bones to a lab to get tested.

The results showed the remains were mixed with others: at least three victims, one likely a child.

According to a report obtained exclusively by CBS13, a forensic anthropologist writes about another victim, saying, “cranial vault thickness is inconsistent with the decedent.”

It means it could be a larger older person, possibly a man.

“It’s disgusting; it’s despicable. My heart is just breaking for that family. I can’t even imagine that just being handed something and you know here’s your daughter finally after all these years, and to find out that you know they just kind of went around with a dust pan and gave her what they thought would satisfy her, and thank God she didn’t just accept it for what they said it was,” said Gillit.

San Joaquin Sheriff Steve Moore claims he relied on the Department of Justice’s expertise.

Gillit says that answer isn’t good enough.

“I want my dad home,” said Gillit.

The next answer she hopes the sheriff gives will be to investigators.

“It’s all on him. It’s on his shoulders. I don’t know how he sleeps at night,” said Gillit.

The tests of those bones commingled with Hobson’s are going through more tests.

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