SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Investigators say she was a teacher who was interested in more than just teaching one student in particular.

You can imagine what an awkward position the 17-year-old was in, according to police, having his teacher coming on to him.

“She was a good teacher, nothing wrong with her,” said one student.

Police say Rebekah Cyr was trying to do more than teach drama and English at Natomas’ Inderkum High School. They say Cyr was trying to hit on one of her students, even calling the student on the phone.

“There were some inappropriate communications and some inappropriate advances,” said Officer Doug Morse.

Police say they started investigating Cyr last month, but would not disclose how they became aware of the possible misconduct. They did say, however, that the male student has been very cooperative.

“If it would happen to me, it would be cool,” a student said.

While some young men may think it’s no big deal if it’s a female teacher, Psychotherapist Mark Foster says that’s far from the case.

“The impact is profound, whether it’s a male or a female,” said Foster. “There’s a host of mixed feelings that go on for the child. Confusion, guilt, there can even be some shame.”

A knock on Cyr’s door Friday went unanswered.

The Natomas Unified School District issued the following statement in part:

“Immediate action was taken as soon as we learned of the allegation last month by placing the teacher on paid administrative leave… We take these allegations very seriously.”

According to the school district, they will be placing Cyr on unpaid administrative leave as soon as charges have been filed, and as we understand it, that has already happened.

So far, police believe this is an isolated incident, and say Cyr’s advances had not become physical.


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