YUBA CITY (CBS13) – The battle over a bed bug outbreak at a Yuba City motel was caught on CBS13 cameras.

The tenants say the Nice Inn Motel isn’t proving to be very nice at all.

They say they’ve dealt with bed bugs, cockroaches and drug deals outside their rooms, but the motel manager says they’re exaggerating.

“He’s never fixed anything; he’s never done anything. There’s bed bugs. There’s roaches. There’s rats. There’s everything,” former tenant Eileen Souza said.

Our cameras caught a fight between Souza and the motel manager over the infestation issue.

Souza says she reported the bed bug breakout to the Sutter County Environmental Health Department after being bitten.

“(The manager) told me, if I don’t like it, I could leave,” said Souza.

The health department tells CBS13 they’ve received a couple complaints about bed bugs, but motel manager G Singh denies any bed bug problem.

“There may be, but we are all the time treating them,” said Singh.

Souza showed us a cockroach she killed and threw in the toilet.

A couple with four small kids says the room they’ve rented is crawling with cockroaches.

“We can’t leave nothing out because this happens,” Stephanie Hudson said, pointing out a cockroach in a cup of water.

Despite the county stepping in, Hudson says they’ve hardly seen the pest control company the motel manager says he’s hired.

“We’ve been here two months and we’ve only seen them twice,” said Hudson.

Singh did an interview with us before we spotted the cockroaches; but then, suddenly he refused to answer anymore of our questions.

I asked him about the cockroaches, but he denied them being there and didn’t care to have them shown to him.

“I didn’t see,” said Singh. “You see? I didn’t see.”

The county says the motel manager is working to get rid of the pests.

The woman I spoke to says she’s sent the manager to court about the ongoing problem, but he’s also sent her to court for failing to pay rent.


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