SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A thief got away with an ungodly act, stealing $12,000 from a church volunteer trying to make a deposit. The thief even kicked the 74-year-old woman before running away.

“He ran around the corner and I didn’t bother to run around the corner and chase him,” the woman said. “I ran to my car and dialed 9-1-1.”

She loves her ministry. She’s been volunteering at Town and Country Luthern Church for decades, making sure the congregation’s donations make it to the bank.

“I was doing my job,” she said. “It was our monthly contributions.”

More than a week ago she was at a local bank, when she noticed a guy standing at the ATM.

“I honestly thought he was just a customer,” she said.

Thinking it was safe, she stood next to him and placed two bags of the church’s money into the depository. She had a third bag but it wasn’t going down easy.

“I was attempting to rearrange it, shove it done there, rearrange it and shove it down there,” she said.

The suspect seized the opportunity and pounced.

“I did not go there intending to get robbed,” she said.

As she was making the last deposit at the ATM, she says the suspect ran over and grabbed the bag of money and then kicked her “because we were kind of scuffling because i wasn’t going to let go of that money.”

But she was eventually overpowered. He wrestled the money away from her and ran.

“I was obviously in shock,” he said.

As the suspect ran, she had choice words for him.

“I believe I told him, ‘That’s our church’s money and God is going to get angry at you,” she said.

He got away with $12,000 in checks and cash.

She pities him.

“I pray that he will have it on his heart to be remorseful for what he did,” she said.


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