STOCKTON (CBS13) – A man was shot by San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies who were serving a search warrant Wednesday morning.

The shooting happened in the 3700 block of E. Miner Street in Stockton.

Deputies say the suspect armed himself with a gun so they were forced to fire.

Pie Chacon didn’t want CBS13 to show her face, but she’s shocked this happened in her neighborhood.

“Everybody really keeps to themselves around here,” she said. “It seems pretty crazy.”

In the blink of an eye the San Joaquin County sheriff’s SWAT team along with the DEA lined Miner Avenue ready to serve a federal narcotics search warrant.

When the SWAT team and members from the DEA entered the home, they say they found someone armed with a shotgun.

“The SWAT member neutralized the threat, shooting the suspect,” sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Les Garcia said. “He was shot in the upper body.”

That person was taken to an area hospital in stable condition. Five others were detained.

It was unsettling to say the least — for neighbors and officers.

“I’ve never heard anything from those neighbors to be honest with you,” Chacon said.

“It’s a dangerous business,” Garcia said. “They take their lives in their hands every time they make entry and go through those doors. They don’t know what’s on the other side.”


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