Don and the guys begin with the 2nd Presidential debate that took place last night, and Don tells us what his rules would be for next week’s debate, if he had his say. He also tells us the Reno show has been postponed indefinitely, but that the guys are all eager to get up there to do a live show very soon. Don then introduces the new contest for Raider tickets today: a scavenger hunt, and all the guys come up with objects for the listeners to bring in for the tickets.

After telling us about a restaurant manager in Winter Park, Fl, who shot at an unruly customer, Don reads the thread from Little Joe’s Facebook page, in which listener-on-listener hate has erupted. Don then calls Derek, the guy we sent to the Bunny Ranch last week. Derek, of course, doesn’t answer his phone, so the guys have a little fun with his voice mail. Don then calls his brother Jim, regarding the phone conversation he had with Don over the weekend, about their “Uncle” Tom, who’s actually their half brother.

After Don and Jim talk about how screwed up their parents were, and telling a few horror stories from their childhood, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us that Arnold’s new autobiography has only sold 21k copies, a 500 lb woman had to be extricated from her bed, and the invention of a cardboard bicycle. After loyal listener Brian brings in all the scavenger hunt items, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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