STOCKTON (CBS13) – A youth football team claims they are about to be kicked out of the league because other teams are scared about driving to crime-riddled Stockton and playing there.

The undefeated Weston Ranch Falcons held a protest in front of the Delta NorCal League commissioner’s daytime workplace on Wednesday in hopes of convincing him not to expel the team.

“That would be really hurtful, because we’ve been working very hard for it,” one Falcons player told CBS 13.

The president of the team doesn’t believe it’s fair that the team could be kicked out on such grounds.

“These are the words of the commissioner: ‘It’s surefire that you guys are a shoe-in for the Super Bowl, however, no team wants to come to Stockton. You gotta face it, Stockton doesn’t have such a great reputation,’ ” Weston Ranch Falcons President Tyra Vickers-Kearney said.

Vickers-Kearney added that the commissioner called Stockton “ghetto.”

“The first week my team is ghetto. I asked them to explain what ghetto is, why my team had to be ‘ghetto.’ They couldn’t give me a good reason,” she said.

Other teams called the protest unprofessional.

“(The protest) caused a lot of grief for him and his family,” Debbie Ruger of the Modesto Raiders said. “I’m not sure if he lost his job. I know his job wasn’t happy about what happened.”

Ruger claims the problem is not with Stockton, but with the team, saying the Falcons have “been very confrontational and threatening” and that another Stockton-based team is not being kicked out.

“There’s absolutely no problems with going to Stockton,” she said.

The commissioner of the youth football league would not comment to CBS13. It’s unclear if team members would be refunded money they paid to join the league if they are kicked out.


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