MARYSVILLE (CBS13) – The last of six defendants in a New Year’s Eve killing was convicted of second-degree murder on Friday in the death of a Marysville man.

William Vincent Silliman Jr., 22, who was stationed at Beale Air Force Base at the time of the killing, was the only one of the six defendants go to trial in the murder of Steven “Sam” Moore.

According to Yuba County prosecutors, he supplied the shooter, Marcus Nelson Hume, with a sawed-off shotgun and drove him to the apartment complex in the 1100 block of Arthur Street where Moore, 38, was gunned down on the street during a confrontation with Hume.

Hume pleaded guilty in September and faces 55 years to life when he’s sentenced later this month. Four other co-defendants – Kari Mulkey, Samson Mulkey, Jesse Garate and David Eneix – reached plea deals on reduced charges in exchange for their testimony.

The Appeal-Democrat reported that Moore was targeted by Hume because he had a sex tape on his cell phone with Hume’s girlfriend, Roni Mulkey.

Silliman faces 20 years to life when he’s sentenced Nov. 13.


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