Live from Vegas, Grant kicked off the show by going over the ALCS and the Detroit Tigers’ opportunity to sweep the New York Yankees. Grant also talked about the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks game tonight and why the San Francisco Giants need to win tonight’s NLCS Game 4.

NBA writer and Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of, Chris Sheridan, came on the show to talk hoops with Grant.

Sheridan talked about the new ESPN basketball commentary lineup, Kevin Love’s hand injury going into the start of the season and how it will affect the Minnesota Timberwolves’ record, the anticipation of seeing the new Los Angeles Lakers lineup, the Brooklyn Nets’ new location, the Chicago Bulls’ record without Derrick Rose being available for part of the season, and what he sees out of DeMarcus Cousins and the Sacramento Kings.

NFL and college analyst Adam Caplan came on the show with Grant today.

Caplan talked about the 49ers and Seahawks game tonight, the firing of Juan Castillo in Philadelphia, whether or not Andy Reid will keep his job going into next season, the Oakland Raiders’ problems this year, which NFL coach will be the first one to lose his job this season and which team he thinks will move to Los Angeles.

Kings’ forward Jason Thompson joined Grant as the team prepares for a preseason game in Las Vegas on Friday.

Thompson talked about holding training camp in Colorado, the talent on the current Kings roster, his thoughts on newcomer James Johnson, the Kings’ new focus on defense, players holding each other accountable and the NBA’s new time limit on pregame handshakes.


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