LINCOLN (CBS13) – The Highway 65 Bypass opened a couple weeks ago, taking drivers around rather than through downtown Lincoln; and hundreds came out to celebrate as that stretch of road was renamed Saturday.

Those who live in Lincoln know that traffic was a disaster.

“The traffic through here has been just a nightmare,” said Scott Giller of Dillian’s Bar and Grill.

Residents say they hated being stuck in the shuffle.

“This was such a heavy commute route that no one could stop. They had to keep going. You were in a slow line going through town,” said resident Debbie Shoro.

Say goodbye to the traffic of Highway 65 and hello to Lincoln Boulevard.

“It’s fun to go back into town and see the shops,” said Shoro.

But not everyone is so sure it will help businesses.

“I don’t know how good the businesses are going to be, because there’s not too many cars going through,” a resident said.

Ionically, business owners say fewer cars means more business.

“One business owner along the street says In seven years of owning his shop, only five commuters ever came in,” said Shoro.

Giller says it’s been a boost because residents now want to dine downtown.

“It was always such a problem to get through Lincoln from the opposite side of town; and so having the traffic situation ease up has been wonderful for us,” said Giller.

“We will have lots of parking for customers able to walk to stores nearby,” said Crystal Pierson, Fashion Fo Paws owner.

“So many towns die when a bypass goes around them and takes the commuter traffic away, but Lincoln is poised to do just the opposite,” said Shoro.

This 12-mile bypass between the cities of Lincoln and Sheridan is the most expensive construction project in Placer County history.


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