By Sean Bennett

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – After getting hit by a car and being left for dead, a dog is discovered having much more horrifying injuries.

The dog’s x-rays revealed her body was riddled with BBs.

“It’s sad because she’s the sweetest dog,” said Kristell Stout.

Now that dog, named Old Lady, is fighting for her life.

“You see something like that and it just breaks your heart,” said Karen Johnson, Johnson Ranch Vet Clinic.

Stout, who has been looking after the feral dog at work for the past three years, got a call Saturday morning nobody wants to get. Old Lady had been hit by a car in North Highlands, and the driver took off. So, Stout raced to work to find her.

“I looked around the shop, around other businesses, couldn’t find her. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she walked right past our front door,” said Stout.

She was scooped up and taken to Johnson Ranch Pet Clinic in Roseville with a broken humerus bone in her shoulder.

As Old Lady sat in a kennel on pain medication, it wasn’t the only pain she’s felt. X-rays revealed tiny white dots on the film. Johnson says Old Lady may have been used for target shooting.

“It’s shameful that we live in such a horrible place that you have to shoot a dog for fun. I did not know that. I thought it was just messing up in the x-rays. That’s horrible,” said Stout.

The news gets worse for Stout, she’s expected to be laid off from work on Monday.

“It sucks, but it seems it would just happen as soon as I got laid off that something like this would happen,” said Stout. “She gets hit, and then all of a sudden, wham, $2,000 fly right into my lap. It’s a lot to handle.”

It’s especially hard for dog rescuer Gary Sawyer, who wished he could turn back time.

“It just devastates you because you think, ‘well, maybe if I had gone over earlier,’ or ‘if the dog had been there the night before, I would have caught her,’ ” Sawyer.


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