AUBURN (CBS13) – An Auburn family farm that relies on the honor system was recently “paid” in pot for their produce.

Michelle Murray never thought someone would steal from her family farm off Wise Road.

“I was really disappointed someone could be so dishonest,” she said.

Michelle and her husband have sold eggs, pumpkins and goat milk soap this way without any problems for two months. But one night Michelle came home from a prenatal yoga class to find a bunch of their produce missing.

“A bar of soap, two bottles of liquid soap, four pumpkins and two dozen eggs,” she said.

But when she reached inside the cash box, she didn’t feel any money. It felt more like crumbled tree branches.

“I came back with a flashlight to get an accurate count of what was missing,” she said. “I noticed it wasn’t tree branches. It was marijuana.”

Someone paid for her produce with pot. Michelle says what they took is worth around $50, which usually takes them a week to make. The Murrays don’t know who to trust now that their honor system is broken.

“Maybe someday the person will just decide to be honest and come back with the money they owe us,” she said.

Until then, no more honest customers can come to their family farm. The Murrays are closing up shop and looking for somewhere else to sell their hand-made and fresh-grown goods.


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