DAVIS (CBS13) – A campaign fight in Davis doesn’t involving candidates, but rather a voter with a sign in his front yard.

That voter had a sign opposing Measure E, which involves funding for schools, and he received a threatening letter in the mail.

“Dear sir,” the letter begins, “Davis supports schools. Take down your sign or we will do it for you.”

The next line can’t be repeated. Cleaned up for publication, it reads “We’ll ‘mess’ up your house.”

You’ll find plenty of “Yes on E” signs. Supporting the tax-based safety net for Davis schools in case Proposition 30 fails.

We didn’t spot a single “No on E” sign other than the one that prompted the threatening letter.

“We have had a situation where there’s no freedom of expression,” said Jose Granda, who opposes the measure.

Granda is the lone school board candidate against the measure. He reported the letter to police, calling it one of several incidents of intimidation.

In a town that’s supposed to be open-minded, Granda says some are trying to silence the No on E movement.

“It’s unfortunate that the supporters of Measure E have resorted to these tactics,” he said.

Granda claims he got permission from a tenant to put “No on E” signs up but then came an angry voicemail from the landlord: “You did not have permission and I know I have a great spot, but we normally leave that for the liberal agenda. I’ve been way too nice to give you the heads-up. You don’t get another one.”

But the Yes on E campaign says the negativity isn’t coming from them, stating, “Measure E does not support the letter that was obviously written in bad taste. Our campaign has been entirely positive and focuses on Davis and our students.”


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