Today, Don begins by telling us that things didn’t work out with Steve Bryant, and even though the guys all like him a lot, Don had to let him go. The guys all wish Steve the best, and know that wherever he goes in broadcasting, he’ll do a great job.
The guys then talk about Donald Trump’s “Big Announcement” about Obama that he’s supposed to make later today, and as they speculate on what it might be, Don gets texts from his wife Janet regarding the discussion, so he gives her a call. After talking about Craig’s bright orange mohawk that he got yesterday for the Giants being in the World Series, and Little Joe’s wife getting Facebook friend requests from listeners, Don tells us that standing room only tickets for tonight’s World Series Game 1 in San Francisco are $700, and shows us the stuff he brought from his house to give away in today’s contest: Best Animal Story.

The guys take calls from listeners with their best animal stories, and then Don plays a 911 call from a restaurant manager who says that two people are having sex on his patio. We also hear about a woman on the TV show “Extreme Cheapskates” who pees in a bottle to reduce water costs. We then get a visit from our good pal, comedian Pablo Francisco. Pablo, who is performing at the San Jose Improv Thursday through Sunday, tells us what he’s been doing since his in-studio visit with us in August, and gives us his takes on Halloween, Donald Trump’s big announcement, and the World Series. And of course, he has the guys in hysterics with his great impersonations.

The guys finally pick a winner in the Animal Story Contest, and Donald Trump’s big announcement happens, which turns out to be totally lame. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom gives us the TV ratings from the past week, tells us about Jane Fonda’s new show on ABC, discusses the new iPad mini, and reads off the “Richest British Celebrities Under 30.” And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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