SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Little people all over California have a reason to celebrate. The California Legislature has declared October “Dwarfism Awareness Month.”

Resolution 152 was framed and presented Wednesday to members of the Little People of America organization.

Little People of America is a national organization based in California that offers support for people who have the rare medical condition. Some 3,000 people in California and more than 30,000 people nationwide are affected by dwarfism.

“Social stereotypes and physical barriers make it difficult for people with dwarfism to achieve their goals,” stated Gary Arnold, president of Little People of America (LPA).

“The goal of Dwarfism Awareness Month is simple – we want to be judged according to our skills, our character, and our experience, not according to something over which we have no control, our stature. The more we raise awareness about dwarfism, the closer we will come to this goal.”

Every October LPA will organize events and outreaches to raise awareness.

Assembly member Jared Huffman from the 6th Assembly district authored the resolution. Huffman believes this resolution will “help raise positive awareness about dwarfism, address common misconceptions, and increase opportunities for people with dwarfism around the state.”

In the past three years, Delaware, Indiana, Oklahoma, Missouri and Puerto Rico passed similar resolutions. This year California, Kansas, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York have done the same.


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