By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Some disabled residents are being kicked out of their assisted living home and out on the streets.

As one resident makes her way into her home, she does so knowing it won’t be her home much longer. She and two of her roommates, also disabled, are getting evicted.

“We’ve paid rent. That’s the thing. We’ve paid rent ’til the end of the month,” said one of the roommates.

These ladies may have paid rent, but the building’s owner, Kim Lee, says that money never reached her hands.

“She pays nothing since May and she collects the rent from all these people,” said Lee.

She is Mediah Al Mustafa. Everyone calls her Dee. She is a woman the owner claims signed a lease with her six months ago but has not paid a dime.

The three ladies don’t believe that.

“I believe that she has been (paying). I don’t have any proof of that except Dee’s word, and Dee has been telling me she has been paying the $1,500 like she agreed to,” a roommate said.

CBS13 caught up with Dee looking for answers.

“I’ve been in business with Kim and Marvin Lee for the past two years,” said Dee.

She claims her role in that partnership is to turn a profit on starting an assisted living home. Dee says when money wasn’t being made, the owner decided to kick everyone out.

“Kim came to me and told me it’s not making enough money, we need to close the house down the street,” said Dee.

Kim says that’s not true and she’s simply been “taken for a ride by Dee,” who tells us she’s not going to let these disabled ladies end up on the street.

“We are gonna make sure they’re taken care of. I’m paying for them to move, and we’re gonna find something that they like,” said Dee.

The owner says she’d just like to get paid for back rent.

The parties will most likely end up back in court.

Kim says Dee also owes her for other properties she’s rented out.


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