By Steve Large

ALPINE (CBS13) – It was an emotional day at Taylor Dustin’s school where his classmates were told Wednesday he was found dead after getting lost in the wilderness.

He was the new kid on campus, and now he’s suddenly gone.

Taylor’s history teacher described his new student as a kid working to fit in.

The 14-year-old was found dead Tuesday after he and his uncle got lost in a snow storm while on a hunting trip. They were missing for three days.

Dustin’s uncle was found alive but suffering from severe hypothermia.

Dustin’s uncle, Devin Smith, also got lost in the wilderness three years ago. CBS13 reported on his rescue in 2009 after he was missing for four days.

After being found then, Smith explained he’d built fires to stay warm while searching for help. That search ended in celebration. This one ended with a painful loss.

A memorial is being planned at Mark Twain Elementary, and the Alpine County Sheriff’s Department is investigating what went wrong.


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