By Steve Large

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) – Game two of the World Series is in the books, and it wasn’t nearly the landslide Giants fans have gotten used to.

Willie Mays helped to throw out the first pitch, then Madison Bumgarner took over, giving up just two hits in seven innings. The Giants played small ball Thursday, mustering only two runs, but that’s all it took.

Detroit had an opportunity to score early on but a perfectly thrown ball from left, and a perfect tag at home, kept Prince Fielder from scoring.

There were a number of special guests at the game, but one in particular surprised many Giants fans.

Bryan Stow, the Santa Cruz paramedic who was beaten outside of Dodger Stadium on opening day of last season and suffered serious brain injuries, attended the game as a guest of the team.

It was a giant night in San Francisco, and in the crowd for this one were lots of kids.

“It’s my first time,” said one little fan.

“My favorite player is Buster Posey. This is my boy, a big Giants fan,” said fan David Whitesel, showing off his son.

There were fathers and sons and daughters.

The baseball bond was building at this World Series.

“Hopefully when she gets older and finds a family, she can say ‘My dad took me to the World Series in 2012.’ Make it a tradition,” said one father.

Besides the kids, there were some interesting characters. One fan had SF painted on his eyeball.

Brad Case has a prosthetic eye. Who says there’s no eye in team?

“I wanted to get the whole eye painted SF but they said no,” said Case.

He had his doctor do work as Case had the Giants on his eye, and San Francisco is eyeing a sweep.

The series now moves to Detroit for the next two games, and if necessary, game five also. If it goes to a game six or seven, it moves back to San Francisco.


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