SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – For the first time ever, Wesley Shermantine’s sister, Barbara, is talking about how her brother’s actions have changed her life.

In this exclusive interview with Shermantine’s sister, Barbara, she opens up to CBS13 about her relationship with Wesley.

She says it’s hard knowing her brother is a serial killer.

“I cannot believe that Wesley knows all of the information he knows without having some involvement,” she says.

Barbara, who fears she or her family could be targeted for her brother’s crimes, is not showing her face. But she’s sharing the pain and the stigma that goes along with being the sister of a serial killer.

She says that while growing up, her younger brother was a good kid and a hard worker, showing no signs of what he would become.

The man she knows as her brother now so many only know as a monster. It hit her particularly hard the day investigators found Chevy Wheeler’s remains. Wesley had sworn to the family he had nothing to do with her disappearance.

“And then come to find out that she was buried up right next to my parents’ home. Our children ran around up there playing, Easter egg hunting and everything,” said Barbara.

Barbara believes Wesley is responsible for taking part in more killings, but despite the evil committed by her brother, he’s still her brother. She says she was angry with Wesley, but not any more.

“I was years ago. I’m long past that, like I said. I love my brother. I choose to remember the young man, the loving, caring young man,” said Barbara.

She hasn’t seen Wesley since the trial. She says she just wants to remember the brother she grew up with and not the man locked up in San Quentin. However she does write him when he sends letters.


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