NEW YORK (CBS13) – With just hours to spare before Hurricane Sandy surges ashore, families in lower Manhattan are packing up and heading out.

Last-second shopping left grocery stores sold out of basic supplies. Some restaurants and shops put down sandbags; taped front doors shut and shut down early.

“Water, cereal, flashlights, everything we don’t have, nothing,” said resident.

In one of the few grocery stores that didn’t close early, lines are long. People were stocking up on whatever they’ll need to get through the next couple of days.

Tens of thousands of New Yorkers that are at the greatest flood risk are under a mandatory evacuation order. But it’s an order that many are choosing to flat-out ignore.

“We really don’t have anyplace to go, so we’re going to ride it out,” said John Smith.

However, some aren’t quite sure if they are in the evacuation zone.

Gary Stuckey plans to hunker down and wait out what forecasters warn could be a historic and dangerous storm.

“Well I’m sticking. I’m on the fourth floor; and if it gets that high, we’re all in trouble,” said Stuckey.

Many remember last year when similar evacuations were in place for Tropical Storm Irene, which fizzled.

This time around, the debate on whether to stay or go continues.

Families need to make up their minds now with Hurricane Sandy looming just off the coast.

“Maybe it is time to go,” said Rondell Ross.


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