SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Caught on tape, a woman drove her scooter right through a glass window of a local store.

The crash left the woman hurt and dazed, but what she did next shocked customers and store employees.

It happened Sunday afternoon in Sacramento at the Bonfare Market in Del Paso Heights.

The surveillance video is a little murky, but its pretty clear what happened. A woman on a vintage Vespa motor scooter went right through the front plate glass window.

Shabaz was working at the store when he says he heard an explosion.

“Yeah it was pretty scary because it was an explosion, really bad. I was behind the counter,” said Shabaz.

He was surprised with what he found.

“I started running around inside the store and I seen the motorcycle inside the store. It was kind of funny,” said Shabaz.

From a different camera angle, you can see the lady was a little dazed. After all, she did go clean through a plate glass window. She was hurt, so they called an ambulance.

“The lady, she was bleeding from the mouth and everything, and tried and help her out with a napkin and stuff,” said Shabaz.

She takes care of her injuries, but then, all of sudden, she bolted for the door.

“She just ran away,” said Shabaz.

She took off through the parking lot in a hurry, leaving the Vespa behind.

The store manager said he had never seen the woman before.

He wonders too why the mystery lady would leave before police arrived. He believes she lives close by.

“She lives in an apartment complex around here,” she said.

Police say they are still trying to identify the driver of that scooter.


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