GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – Huge symbols of hate were burned into the grass at a local golf course that has become an easy target for vandals.

The swastika symbols were hard to miss if you were playing golf at Alta Sierra Country Club on Tuesday, and you can even see them easily from the road if you’re driving by.

“I’m a full-blooded American boy and I don’t like that,” one golfer said.

“It’s disgusting,” said another.

Hate symbols keep popping up at Alta Sierra and the problem is ruining the game these golfers love.

“They screwed up the whole tee,” one golfer groaned as he surveyed the damage to the 14th hole.

General manager John Renslow said the culprits used herbicide to kill the grass in the shape of a large swastika. It covers the entire tee box at the 14th hole.

“We have streets that run through the property, and it was a spot for someone to state an opinion I suppose,” he said.

This isn’t the first time this hole’s been hit. Last year, a swastika was burned into the grass the same way a few feet over. Renslow says vandals have targeted this spot for years. There’s easy access and a quick getaway thanks to a nearby road.

They’ve damaged ball washers in the past, but the swastikas are more troubling.

Folks at the course aren’t sure if it’s the work of misinformed kids or if the course or its players are being targeted. But they want the hateful nuisance to stop.

“We pay good money to come out and play on a nice course and these guys got nothing else to do,” Harlen Williams said while playing Tuesday.

The golf course has filed a report with the local sheriff. Meanwhile, their only solution is to keep spraying the area with paint until the damaged grass grows out.


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