Jason Ross kicked off the show while Grant was getting settled in Chicago in preparation for the Chicago Bulls and Sacramento Kings game tomorrow, but Grant quickly rejoined the show and kicked off with heavy Kings talk.

Former San Francisco Giants pitcher Bill Laskey came on the show to discuss the Giants World Series title.

Laskey talked about the resiliency of the Giants this postseason, the Giants using Tim Lincecum out of the bullpen, Barry Zito’s comeback season, Bruce Bochy’s near-flawless managing this postseason and the Giants ability to get better after losing their best hitter, Melky Cabrera.

NFL and college football analyst Charles Davis made his weekly stop on the show today.

Davis talked about the BCS rankings in college football, the Oregon/USC game that he will be covering on Saturday and which college teams he’s been impressed with so far.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee joined grant to discuss the San Francisco 49ers.

Barrows talked about Alex Smith’s performance on Monday night, the improvement of the 49ers’ defense and passing game, the 49ers’ biggest competition in the NFC West, the 49ers lack of using Brandon Jacobs up to this point and Jim Harbaugh’s comments to he media after Monday night’s game.

The NBA season officially began tonight, so former Chicago Bulls player Bill Cartwright came on the show to talk hoops with Grant.

Cartwright talked about his new business, young players in the NBA, the importance of an identity for the Kings, what it takes to be a good defensive team and the atmosphere that he used to play in in Chicago.


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