Don begins with the bizarre email thread that circulated the station yesterday, and we hear Craig’s new Public Service Announcement for the Red Cross. After Don expresses his displeasure for the New York Marathon sill being held this weekend, despite all the hurricane damage and thousands of people with out power, Sweaty Sean is called in to discuss the location he will be giving away Kings tickets this morning. Don then sends him out to Cassidy’s in Elk Grove, and the guys play “Slow Joe Sings About Sad Subjects To Happy Music.”

We then get a visit from our good buddy Frank Caliendo. Frank, who is performing at Colusa Casino on November 16, tells us how the ESPN gig is going, talks about how his Jon Gruden impression is being received, and Don tells Frank about his idea for a sitcom! After Frank, Deuce Mason stops by with the letter his dad sent him from prison, and after Don reads it, Sean calls in from Elk Grove so Don can talk to the lucky listeners who won Kings tickets.

We then hear that a Twitter war has erupted between Blind Neal and BiPolar Mary, and Don decides to have both of them in the studio next Monday. Don then plays a series of recordings of famous Beatles, Marvin Gaye, and Beach Boys songs, with all music accompaniment omitted, leaving just the vocals. After the guys pick the NFL games, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about a dentist who lost her license for huffing laughing gas in front of her patients, a U.K. man gives trick-or-treaters blow, and what movies come out this weekend. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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