SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A different kind of contact sport is letting some athletes stay in the game.

The local Sierra Storm quad rugby team hit the court to raise money for their competitions.

Their main goal on the court is to knock some people out of their chairs.

The other goal was to raise money at Saturday’s rugby-a-thon in South Sacramento. The Sierra Storm quad rugby team put the smash on all competitors.

“I took a lot of smacks,” said said Sierra Storm Assistant Coach Debrah Whitehurst.

The fundraiser showcased the Sierra Storm, an all quadriplegic team, against non-physically challenged community teams who contributed to the cause.

“These are people who support us all during the year,” said Whitehurst.

“We’ve had tournaments in Seattle, Vegas and Reno,” said Edward Olsen.

With only 30 quad rugby teams in the country, the Sierra Storm is forced to travel often. In addition to $5,000 chairs, it’s a sport that can become pricey.

“Teams like this, you know, it’s not like you got 10 teams in one town,” said said Whitehurst. “They’re all over the U.S.”

No matter what the cost is, the opportunity for some to compete again is priceless.

“I’m glad I found a sport like this. It gets your adrenaline going,” said one team member.

The team raised $3,000. The money will go toward equipment and travel.


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