YUBA CITY (CBS13) – A Yuba City church is spreading its message with some help from modern technology.

There’s no need to put away your cell phone at Hope Point Church. “Please turn off your cell phones and notepads” is a sign you won’t see at the church.

“All of our pastors have a Twitter page and Twitter feed that they use,” said one church official.

Pastor Dan Hastings encourages parishioners to pack their iPad, along with their cellular device to Sunday mass to spread the word.

“There are so many forms of communication and this is just another one,” said Hastings.

With Facebook and Twitter having well over 1 billon users, the small local Yuba City sermon can literally transcend the word across the globe, using their in-house app on iPads the church provides.

While some may argue that sending that tweet or text is a bit unorthodox and breaks from tradition, Hastings and church parishioners feel it’s about adapting to modern change.

“It seems that’s what that generation loves, and gives them the ability to talk and be a part of that culture,” said Hastings.

Shanta Apodaca finds the idea easily relates to her life.

“I absolutely love it,” she said. “I think it creates conversation.”

So far, members are not encouraged to actually make phone calls during service.


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