STOCKTON (CBS13) – We’ve seen anti-crime community meetings, but Monday night it was a march in Stockton, a walk to show the bad guys they won’t give up.

“It’s sending a message that we are here, that we are not afraid,” marcher Jennifer Whitehouse
said. “We want things to change. We are here for a better outcome.”

Whitehouse and her four kids were part of the hundreds who gathered to march for a safer Stockton. They called it “We Own The Night.”

“I’m here because I’m getting frustrated,” she said. “I’m getting sick over all the crime that is happening here in Stockton. I’m worried about my kids every day.”

She’s worried about them just playing outside.

“Especially if there is a drive-by shooting because that has been happening in my neighborhood as well,” she said.

But her 10-year-old daughter Veronica knows it’s important to send a clear message.

“That it should stop,” she said. “The crimes, it keeps happening.”

Netta Nagle, 17, was shot this summer when her friend’s tire blew out. She’s still facing surgery but wanted to show her attacker she won’t give up.

“I was shot in the face and twice in the leg,” she said. “I want to support. I want to be here be a part of it. It’s not easy, you know? I’m not going to lie, I’m scared to be out here right now, you know?”

But she drew comfort from those around here like Jennifer, who hopes the community coming together will send the criminals packing.

“I want them to know that this is our home and we are not going to be chased from it,” she said.

The person who started Monday night’s march said there will probably be another one down the road. They say it will take the whole community to curb the crime problem in Stockton.


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