SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A huge pothole along a busy Sacramento interstate is wreaking havoc on tires. At least four drivers have suffered blowouts in the last week – and all this while Caltrans is just feet away.

Crews are working on Interstate 80 just west of I-5, and that’s where potholes are popping up.

This long crevice comes with menacing edges and a dip deep enough to send people over the edge.

Most people fly right past it, but the not-so-lucky ones – and apparently there are quite a few – actually come too close, falling victim to pothole problems.

“This tire ran into the pothole,” Rachel Field said. “I could feel my tire shaking.”

Field is not the first to hit this pothole on I-80 westbound just past the I-5 off-ramp.

“That one has been the most inconvenient of all,” said Miguel Rodriguez, who works at the America’s Tire store in West Sacramento.

In just four days, America’s Tire has seen four people with torn-up tires from the same place.

“Monday, two yesterday and one today,” he said.

They showed us what’s left of Rachel’s shredded tire.

“That’s from the pothole more than likely,” a worker said. “See how it’s pinched top and bottom?”

Now more than $500 later, Rachel has a new set.

“It costs a lot of money,” she said. “It’s costing other people money.”

But this CBS13 producer, who takes that same route every night, said she’s not taking the same lane again unless Caltrans can clean up the cracks.

“It was my first Election Day coverage at work so I didn’t really know what to expect and I wanted to get their early,” she said. “I ended up getting there later than I’ve ever been at work.”

Ironically, Caltrans is repaving just two lanes away. They say they’ll get to the pothole in question, but they don’t know when.

Until then, Rachel will tread lightly.


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