ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Don’t be surprised if you see panhandlers back in Roseville.

The city manager says a law the council passed years ago is unconstitutional.

Currently, it’s against the law to stand outside and ask for money, but now the city is reconsidering that ban after a recent court case.

“It’s just not very safe,” resident Claudia Loveland said.

Loveland likes that she doesn’t see panhandlers on her streets in Roseville.

“We try and avoid it if we can,” said Loveland.

She doesn’t like that Roseville city leaders are considering lifting portions of their aggressive panhandling ban after a federal court ruled certain sections unconstitutional.

“We had it for a reason,” Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn said. “We did utilize it so it was effective.”

Zac Mathews Creek is one of those living on the streets and depending on handouts.

“If I was your kid, wouldn’t you want me to eat?” Creek asked.

Current law bans begging in roadway medians, near driveways, and in parking lots. A federal court has now ruled these spots protected under the first amendment.

“I think it should be freedom of street,” said Creek. “I’m hungry.”

Police say they will still target panhandlers who aggressively approach people.

“Does it limit us compared to what we had? Yes,” said Hahn. “Does it mean everything is a free-for-all now? No.”

However, for Loveland it still makes her nervous. So it means avoiding making eye contact and locking her car doors before she finds herself in the uncomfortable situation.

“I just wish they would seek out other resources,” said Loveland.

The policy passed a preliminary vote at Wednesday’s city council meeting, but it will come back for final approval at the end of the month.


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