SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Voters in California did something voters rarely do, they voted to raise taxes.

Proposition 30 and Measure U promise to raise taxes by only a fraction, but it still adds up.

Some can’t wait for it.

“I feel that’s something that we really need,” said one man.

Others are not so happy.

“I’m not in favor of paying more money,” one woman said.

CBS13 got mixed reviews on Prop 30, the state’s quarter-cent sales tax to raise $6 billion for education, and Sacramento’s Measure U, a half-cent increase to pay for police, fire services, and libraries.

So CBS13’s Ron Jones decided to go to one of the restaurants in the capital city to see how Prop 30 and Measure U would affect you.

The Grange restaurant on J Street decided to play along.

The food is excellent, but what is it going to cost?

This is what you have to consider. Currently, the tax for an $18 dollar meal is a $1.40. However, when Prop 30 kicks in expect to pay a little more; and when Sacramento’s Measure U is added, the total is an extra 13 cents.

Now, if a used $16,000 minivan is on the list, under Prop 30 and Measure U, get ready to pay an extra $120.

So whether it’s retail, or eating out, prepare to dig a little deeper into your wallets Sacramento.

Prop 30 takes affect on Jan. 1. Measure U goes into effect April 2013 for six years.


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