By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The election night political fight may be over, but the heated back and forth continues on Facebook and Twitter. This social media slugfest has clearly left its mark.

The election night embrace between the president and first lady is being called one of the most re-tweeted tweets ever by the social watchdog group Media Bistro.

But not everyone is embracing the political storm that swept through the Twitter world and Facebook after and during this heated race. Lots of people post political things on social media, and deal with it in interesting ways.

“People feel that their trailer trash opinion matters to a lot of people, and good for them. I know their friends have given up listening to them,” Facebook user Lu Galgiani said.

They’ve given up by un-friending them on Facebook or blocking them on Twitter.

“We got into an argument over ‘why don’t you vote? It’s your right. It’s your duty to do that,’ ” Liza McCarthy said.

How did that go over?

“On Facebook, not very well,” she said.

Some election night tweets didn’t go over very well either.

Donald Trump tweeted, “We can’t let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty.”

One response was, “you are a sad fool. I feel sorry for you.”

Aging rocker Ted Nugent tweeted “Good Luck America, you just voted for economic and spiritual suicide. Soulless fools.”

Actor Stephen Baldwin tweeted “…my hope is in Jesus not Obama. God’s wrath is upon us…”

Actress Victoria Jackson might still be crying after her tweet saying “America died.”

Well, one thing we do know, a new battleground in the political world was born, filled with Twitter trash-talking, Facebook face-offs, and a social media slugfest not “liked” by all.

A Rasmussen poll found 27 percent of people surveyed said their personal relationships have suffered because of the election.


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