SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento office of the FBI led a multi-agency task force that served dozens of arrest and search warrants in the Sacramento area Thursday.

The Safe Streets Task Force served 17 arrest warrants and 11 searc warrants. The arrests and searches were the culmination of a nearly two-year investigation to identify a network of gang members engaged in the trafficking of methamphetamine and firearms, the FBI said.

The task force identified alleged drug traffickers with membership and/or ties to the Nuestra Familia prison gang, the FBI said.

Drugs, cash and vehicles were seized as part of the operation, including:

  • About 25 pounds of methamphetamine and 40 pounds of marijuana
  • Cocaine, heroin and Oxycontin
  • About $35,000 in cash
  • At least 12 cars, including luxury brands such as Lexus and Cadillac
  • About 30 weapons and assorted ammunition.

All of the following individuals were arrested for conspiring to distribute methamphetamine and/or weapons charges:

  • Vidal Dominic Fablela, aka “Spider”, 45
  • Zubulen Cole Hughes, aka “Zeb”, 20
  • Alberto Miranda, aka “Chingy”, 29
  • Angelo Lorenzo Gonzales, aka “Lo”, 27
  • Mario Hernandez Garcia, aka “Chic”, 35
  • Jaime Ysidro Sturgis, aka “Hollywood”, 37
  • Rudolph Edward Jimenez, aka “Pooh Bear” 26
  • Jose Andre Jaramillo, aka “Dre”,35
  • Alvaro Herrera, aka “Tuffy”, 29
  • Arthur Albert Morales, aka “Art”, 32
  • Cilvino Dejesus Hernandez, aka “Geto”, 31
  • Juan Carlos Palacios Venegas, aka “Chayito”, 42
  • Rusty Allen Rycraft, aka “Rusty”, 22
  • Jesse Anthony Montanez, aka “Papas”, 24
  • Ramon Jose Levario, aka “Kiko” 30
  • Sonny Melvin Gonzales, aka “Sonny G”, 23
  • Zachary Kurtz, aka “Zach” 21

The suspects are scheduled to be indicted on or about Nov. 15.


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