We kicked off Thursday’s Jason Ross Show with “Leading Off:”

1. Kings head coach Keith Smart says he’s not worried about the low assist numbers from his team. Should he be worried?

2. How many games will Thomas Robinson be suspended for his elbow to the throat of Jerebko?

3. Lakers are 1-4 on the young season. Is Mike Brown on the hot seat?

4. Falcons WR Roddy White says his team has the ‘pedigree’ to go 16-0. Will the Falcons go undefeated?

5. A report out of Virginia Beach says the Maloofs met with the governor of Virginia about a possible move to VA Beach.

What do you make of the rumors?

Jason also caught up with former NFL player Lorenzo Neal who says the Raiders may have a shot against Baltimore and he says Peyton Manning is the leader for MVP.


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