BLUE CANYON (CBS13) – The incoming storm is not just bringing in rain and low snow, but also wind and plummeting temperatures.

The snow storm quickly slowed down drivers on I-80, many of them stopping to get chains.

“I didn’t think I was going to need chains,” said Clarence Frazier.

But for many drivers like Frazier, the snow caught them off guard, coming much earlier than they’d thought.

“I was surprised and I just told my wife I wouldn’t go drive in the snow no more,” Frazier said laughing.

Tow truck driver Mick Hodges says the storm hit so suddenly Thursday afternoon that Caltrans didn’t have enough time to set up chain control around Truckee.

“They let a bunch of cars through without any chains and then it started snowing real heavy, so there’s all these cars on the highway with no chains on and they were crashing,” said Hodges.

The snow eventually slowed down, making roads slick and wet. Still, chain controls remained in effect.

“It’s a bunch of (expletive),” said one truck driver.

It clearly upset some truck drivers.

“Yeah, I’m pissed off. Beats the hell out of my truck, takes money out of my pocket to pay for chains,” he said.

He may not need them now, but he will later; because this storm isn’t quite done.

“It’s tapered off but we have another cell coming in I hear and so I’m getting ready for another wave,” said Hodges.

Chain control is in affect at Applegate and Nyack.

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