GRANITE BAY (CBS13) – A Granite Bay teen has gone from high school student to inmate overnight, and is facing a long time in jail for allegedly trying to light a home on fire while a family was asleep inside.

The family escaped unharmed, and now the teen suspect is charged with attempted homicide.

“They’re very distraught right now,” said Nina Delgadillo, spokesperson for the family.

The family of four was terrorized in the middle of the night by what was downstairs.

“Their alarm went off; they came downstairs and found that there was a fire in their living room,” Delgadillo said.

Investigators say the fire was lit by a Molotov cocktail. The firebomb was thrown through a window that had just been shattered with a rock.

“It’s terribly upsetting,” neighbor Jan Massara said. “It’s surprising.”

The crime has left neighbors in the quiet middle to upper-class Granite Bay area unnerved.

“I would want to know why that house was targeted,” Massara said.

The answer, investigators say, will come from their suspect, a 15-year-old Granite Bay High School student.

“He kind of just kept to himself,” classmate Natalie Krisa said.

However, in the last few weeks, some say he did just the opposite, focusing his attention on the twins who live in the home — his classmates.

“The person who threw the cocktail was, I guess, threatening the students beforehand with notes and just kind of generally stalking them, if you will,” student Hailey Massara said.

If the rumors are true, students say it comes just days after Granite Bay’s “Anti-Bullying Week.”

“The very next week something like this happens and it’s, I think, it’s pretty ironic and pretty terrible,” student Nick Krisa said.

But why would the twins be a target? That has many of their friends wondering.

“They’re just really sweet people,” said Natalie. “They’re really open-hearted.”

Investigators say the suspect lives near the victims. He faces four counts of attempted homicide.


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