SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A woman who was driving home noticed a stray dog on the freeway and decided to rescue it; but, she never expected what happened next.

Rebecca Cleary pulled over near the airport at the I-5, Highway 99 split, looking to save what looked like a small chihuahua. What she didn’t know was a few people were trying to save her.

“I heard this loud voice saying ‘return to your car,’ said Rebecca.

It was CHP, and they weren’t just checking up on Rebecca.

“They said they had gotten two calls that I was suicidal,” said Rebecca.

It was just after dark inside Sacramento city limits, where drivers noticed a woman wandering.

“They thought I was suicidal, but they still kept going,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca was looking down and holding dog food. Little did she know, someone would call 911.

She showed the officer the dog food she brought for the rescue, and swore she wasn’t the one who needed saving.

“I was terrified because I know they can put a three-day hold on you,” Rebecca said.

After a field sobriety test, Rebecca was free to go.

“I had to laugh a little bit. It’s hard not to laugh,” said Stephen Cleary.

Now, Rebecca and her husband are back, focused on finding the little guy.

Freeway ramps are everywhere, but the dog’s nowhere to be found.

“She’s rescued 10 or 12 dogs in the last 10 years,” husband Stephen Cleary said.

“Are you a little worried to be back out here, talking to me, that another cop is going to show up?” CBS13’s Mike Dello Stritto asked.

“Yes. Yes, he told me not to come back,” Rebecca said.

But, she’s back and will be back as long as the dog hiding out still needs help.


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