Police Looking For White Chevy 1500 Truck

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento Police have released a vehicle description in a hit-and-run accident over the weekend that left a woman dead.

Sacramento police say 61-year-old Molly Arndt was killed around 5:45 p.m. Sunday night when she was hit by a truck while riding her bike in south Sacramento near Stockton Boulevard and Fruitridge Road Sunday.

Monday afternoon, police released an updated description of the truck. They are looking for a 1992 to 1997 white Chevy pickup truck with front left damage to the headlight area. A toolbox was also seen in the bed of the truck.

Witnesses tried to chase the driver down, but he eventually got away.

“I saw this man in a white pickup hit this woman on a bike,” said Renee Ballesteros.

As the truck took off, Ballesteros and another driver tried to catch up, but couldn’t.

“He was a little bit faster; he had a little lead on us,” said Ballesteros.

Police say Arndt was crossing Stockton Boulevard, outside a crosswalk, when she was hit by the driver.

Arndt ended up at least 10 feet from her bike, and items from a recent shopping trip were scattered all over the road.

Monday, friends remembered Arndt as a giving woman and lamented how she was killed.

Kimberly Cain showed a gift from her friend and neighbor of 30 years.

“She just painted those,” she said, pointing to flowers on a room divider. “She just helped people out. You know, she didn’t have a lot, but she didn’t want a lot.”

A modest woman, a house cleaner, but an artist at heart.

But now she’s gone, killed in a violent hit-and-run crash.

“Just heard a big bang and then a rush from the gas,” witness Laura Perkins said.

“We went to the window to see a white truck flash by,” witness Jennifer Ritchey said.

Kimberly couldn’t believe the driver didn’t stop for her friend.

“She would have never done that to anybody else,” she said. “Why would someone do that to her? Why would anybody do that to anybody?”

Molly’s friends are now left with memories and her art, some she hadn’t finished – including a mural on her garage door that was half done.

“That’s crazy. I mean, why?” friend Rick Cain said.

“The person that hit her, he needs to turn himself, do the right thing,” Kimberly Cain said.


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