SUTTER COUNTY (CBS13) – It was an off-road rampage. Someone drove through a walnut orchard just north of Yuba City and damaged thousands of dollars worth of crops.

Dozens of trees were lost in the senseless case of vandalism and authorities believe teenagers are to blame for all the damage.

“It’s absolutely frustrating,” orchard owner Robin Singh said in a phone interview with CBS13. “It’s been a year I’ve been tending to these trees. Thought I had absolutely beautiful trees and they’re just gone.”

Sometime late last week someone drove a car or truck through the walnut orchard. Tire marks lead up to the destruction.

Singh said up to 40 trees were ruined by the off-road renegade. Not only were the trees damaged, the driver shredded a lot of expensive irrigation.

Sutter County sheriff’s deputies told the owner they think some rowdy teens who wanted to wheel around in the dirt may be to blame.

Neighbor dorthy coats has farmed walnuts there for almost 50 years. She’s had thefts on her farm and says living on large pieces of rural land can make you vulnerable.

“You just don’t know who might go down the side and do something, so you have to keep your eyes out all the time,” she said.

Still, she can’t understand why someone would purposely destroy the young trees.

“Well, get a life,” she said. “I mean, this is just so stupid.”

Singh said he doesn’t plan to file an insurance claims because he’s worried it would raise his rates too much.


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