STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Stockton teacher is on a mission to help less fortunate students this winter. Many parents of students in her third grade class can’t afford to buy new coats.

Devyn Lach is a teacher who has seen the need first hand, and now, she’s using Facebook to help keep children warm.

The Spanos Elementary teacher launched “Simply Warm (Coats for Kids)” on Facebook because half of her third grade class comes from families who can’t afford to buy new winter wear.

“I’ll ask if they have a coat at home and they say, ‘no I don’t;’ or even, some of them will come with coats that are too small or really too big because they are obviously hand-me-downs,” said Lach.

Instead of taking donations of used coats, Lach’s goal is to provide less fortunate children with a brand new one.

“A lot of these kids have not experienced getting something brand new for them, picked out for them,” said Lach.

She’s collected forms from the children’s parents for her class and the one next door. In all, more than 70 students need new coats.

“We probably have the highest percentage of poverty out of any school in district,” said Lach.

Almost every student qualifies for free or reduced cost lunches.

The elementary school sits south of downtown Stockton, in the heart of a crime ridden neighborhood.

“I hope they see there are good people out there. They want to help. They are so surrounded by crime and violence, they tell me about hearing gun shots or stories about people getting shot,” said Lach.

Those who sign up to help will be provided with the child’s size, age and favorite color.

Lach is still accepting donations and sign up spots on Facebook, she hopes to hand out coats as early as next week.


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