By Tony Lopez

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A stray dog used as target practice by someone with a pellet gun is recovered and finally has a home.

The new owners picked Old Lady up at Johnson Ranch Veterinary Clinic Wednesday night, where she had been recovering for the past two weeks.

With a barking dog saying goodbye, the survivor they call Old Lady makes her exit. She’s unsteady and unsure, but looking a lot better than she did a couple of weeks ago.

The stray shepherd mix was run down by a car in North Highlands, breaking her leg. When taken to a vet, an x-ray showed someone was using her for BB gun target practice.

“I don’t think it was one BB at a time. I think she was sprayed by several in one shooting, or two in the same area,” Dr. Karen Johnson said.

The wounds are healing, and the woman who kneeled by her side, gave the Old Lady a new home.

Kristell Stout, who has been looking after the feral dog at work for the past three years, gets emotional when she thinks of her new dogs rough road.

“Just knowing that she went from being afraid of humans and living on the street, to her being able to be loved,” said Stout.

This wouldn’t have happened if strangers, who saw Old Lady’s story on CBS13, hadn’t stepped up to donate close to $7,000. It’s money that’ll help pay for the dog’s ongoing therapy.

“All those people that donated to one dog that they didn’t even know, kind of makes up for the person who hit her,” said Stout.

That old lady’s story ends in storybook fashion. A survivor makes her grand exit into a second chance at life.

Old Lady will return to the clinic three times a week for therapy.


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