DAVIS (CBS13) – Davis residents received a rude awakening in their homes after they found they’d been victims of a cat burglar overnight.

Police are investigating half a dozen overnight burglaries in just the past few days that targeted several apartment complexes.

“One of our friends was up really late and he came over to see if anyone was awake, and the door was just wide open,” victim Tim Gandionco said.

Gandionco’s unlocked front door, so his friends could visit, was an open invitation for a very unwelcome guest.

“The guitar was laying here on this couch and the headphones were plugged into those two computers,” Gandionco said, showing CBS13 cameras around his home.

A cat burglar walked right in, grabbing a guitar and two pairs of headphones while Gandionco and his three roommates were sound asleep.

“We’re actually kind of grateful they didn’t take everything, because we have a lot of expensive stuff in here,” said Gandionco.

Davis police are warning neighbors after six burglaries happened in the last three days.

“These blinds don’t cover very much,” victim Beverly Yu said about the blinds in her home. “We live all three girls in here, so it’s not like we have any protection when we’re asleep.”

Burglars pried open her window and took a laptop and wallet left in plain view.

Like the Gandionco incident, it happened in the middle of the night while she and her roommates were sleeping.

“It’s easy to get stuff stolen, and with a lot of crimes happening here, we don’t feel safe,” said Yu.

Two laptops were taken in exactly the same way from another apartment downstairs.

“We were in our rooms, but our doors were closed, so we didn’t hear them,” victim Bahar Hajian said. “We got locks for the windows, thumb locks, and then I got a lock for my bedroom door.”

Gandionco says he’s learned his lesson about leaving his door unlocked.

“We plan to lock all our doors next time,” he said.


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