TRUCKEE (CBS13) – The snow and rain have arrived, and the wet weather is sticking around for a while.

The weather is moving in and people are gearing up for the holiday week.

Skiers are enjoying the nighttime action at Boreal, many hitting the slopes for the first time as the holiday week approaches.

“I’m here to have a good time,” said one skier. “I have to make a couple of good runs.”

Skiers and snowboarders packed the lifts, many getting in their first runs of the year.

“The ice was perfect,” said skier Lindsay Ewing. “It wasn’t hard. It was nice.”

That means ski resorts will only get busier as Thanksgiving approaches, and the storms roll in.

“This is kind of a set up weekend. It could go either way, but going into next week with snow this weekend, and hopefully good weather, things are looking up for us,” said Shaydar Edelmann a Boreal spokesperson.

“That’s the big weekend when people anticipate getting up here, and, you know, spending time with family and enjoying the holidays with the snow,” said skier Andy Aragon.

Meanwhile, on the roads it’s wet and misty going down Interstate 80. Cars are taking it slightly slower as they move through the Sierras as Mother Nature gives drivers a little bit of a break.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be like this,” said Ewing. “I was actually expecting the weather to be really bad.”

But with more snow on the way, and Thanksgiving just days away, businesses in Truckee are gearing up for the crowds.

“Having the weather coming for us this time of year is excellent. The resorts are opening up, people are going to be coming up,” said Mike Preaseau who works at Cooking Gallery. “We are just looking forward to a real good Thanksgiving week up here.”

Many are just giving thanks that it’s ski season once again.

“The slopes are really nice,” said Ewing.

With this warmer storm, many of the skiers say they’ll be back up this weekend to take advantage of it.


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