VALLEJO (CBS13) — A 65-year-old Vallejo woman is recovering after being kidnapped and sexually assaulted, allegedly by a 14-year-old boy in what police are calling a random act.

Neighbors were stunned after hearing of the vicious attack, which occurred Thursday night.

“I’m shocked,” neighbor Stephne Elliott said.

Security guard Daniel White responded after residents of the nearby Hiddenbrooke community discovered the senior citizen, bound with duct taping.

“I’ve never really seen anything like that,” he told CBS13. “Severe, severe head trauma. Her eyes were swollen shut.”

Police say it all started in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. The 14-year-old suspect allegedly forced the victim into her own van at gunpoint, beat her severely and sexually assaulted her. Then, investigators say, the young suspect dumped her in a ditch near Interstate 80 and at some point even called the victim’s family.

“I can only tell you that he demanded money,” Vallejo police Lt. Jim O’Connell said Friday.

But after the woman was discovered, officers say for some reason the suspect returned to the shopping center, driving the victim’s van.

“Detectives observed him, recognized him, and took him into custody,” O’Connell said.

“To think that a 14-year-old could hold so much hate is shocking to me,” Elliott said.

Residents who saw the aftermath were disgusted “knowing that any of us could have been in her place,” she said.

For the security guard, it’s unbelievable and inexcusable, no matter the suspect’s age.

“My mom’s 64, that’s why it really hits home with me,” White said. “He’s a predator. He doesn’t deserve to be on the streets.”

The suspect will likely appear in front of a Solano County juvenille court in the coming days. He could, however, eventually be tried as an adult.

The victim is recovering in the hospital.


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