BLUE CANYON (CBS13) – Up in the Sierra were a few disappointed skiers, hoping for a few more snowflakes Saturday.

There were no problems on the road; they were just a little wet, and there wasn’t much snow, except for a few flurries in Boreal. This amounted to disappointment for those still hoping the weather system will bring snow overnight so they don’t lose business.

Snowboarders still came out, but rain seemed to put a damper on some fun at Boreal Saturday.

“It was totally slushy, and I had water just dripping,” said one snowboarder.

Snowboarders hoped for the snow they usually see, but it wasn’t until after dark that a few flakes came through — just in time to get a good nighttime session in.

“It just started to snow and I’m glad, because we were worried it was going to be raining,” said one man.

But the flakes didn’t last long, and weren’t enough to get business going at Rainbow Lodge. General Manager Lynn Salmoria says it’s still a little slow because of the weather.

“There was a good amount of snow out there, but it’s all now because of the rain,” said Salmoria.

Salmoria hopes to get more snow overnight and heading into the holidays because the Rainbow Lodge is almost entirely booked for Thanksgiving weekend. Their kitchen is already preparing to feed a house full of guests; however, that could change if all they keep getting is rain.

“It’s important in the Thanksgiving week and heading into December to have a snow pack for the ski areas,” said Salmoria.

That’s because even business is affected by how many people are out on the slopes.

“We’ve been here since 1869, so we are a place that’s ready for anything,” said Salmoria.

Meanwhile, snowboarders say rain, snow or shine, it’s just nice to be enjoying the mountain this early in the season.

“Regardless of the conditions, we’re gonna come out here and make it the best of whatever we’ve got,” one snowboarder said.

Roadways may just be wet, but since temperature are dropping, it is important to watch out for black ice.


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