By Steve Large

MOKELUMNE HILL (CBS13) – A 69-year-old woman was kidnapped by a 71-year-old woman and her daughter, who were after her prescription drugs, authorities said.

This one is a strange story for this small town of Calaveras County, starting with the mom and daughter duo accused of felony false imprisonment.

Something is off at the Looney home, where 71-year-old Martha Looney is in big trouble along with her 49-year-old daughter, Deborah.

The signs up at the home show they like their privacy, but Calaveras County sheriff’s deputies say the mom and daughter couldn’t hide a bizarre encounter with their 69-year-old neighbor last week.

They asked to take her for a drive to get her hair fixed, but instead allegedly covered her up with a sheet in their car and took her on a 45-minute ride up and down windy roads before dropping her off at a health care office in Jackson called Operation Care.

It’s normally for people trying to get out of domestic violence situations. But this was no case of domestic abuse. The 69-year-old told sheriff’s investigators it was her neighbors who became pushy, rifling through her prescriptions before taking her in their car.

An investigator told CBS13 it was an employee at Operation Care who helped the woman by taking her to the hospital and then helped her find her way home. The woman was too afraid to tell doctors what happened at first and only called the sheriff’s office three days after the alleged incident.

Deep in the windy hills of Calaveras County, the investigators located the Looneys and arrested them Friday. They may be private, but they’ll now be answering to the law.

Their neighbor was back in the hospital Monday night for an undisclosed medical condition.


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