CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) – Citrus Heights police arrested a man they believe intentionally struck two pedestrians Sunday night, allegedly at the request of the man’s wife.

Officers responded to a report of two people being hit by a car in the 7900 block of Auburn Boulevard around 9 p.m. When they arrived, officers found two victims, one of which was transported to a local hospital.

“He could have killed me,” one of the victims, Christopher Meyers, told CBS13 on Monday.

Meyers and his dog Mary Jane are homeless. He says he works at a Dairy Queen on Auburn Boulevard in Citrus Heights.

“I sleep on the side of Dairy Queen and I get paid underneath the table,” he said.

Sunday night he and a co-worker got into a big argument.

“I got tired of her bickering with me and fighting with me,” he said.

Chris says the co-worker started making threats.

“She threatened to call her husband. She called her husband to have me beat up and to take me out,” he said.

Police say the husband, 47-year-old Anthony Robinson, showed up in an SUV. Chris had already left the Dairy Queen and was standing across the street in front of an abandoned building when he says Robinson tried to mow him down with his car.

“And he gunned it,” he said. “He must have been up to about 30. Plowed me into the building and then bent the metal back and broke all the windows.”

There are still tire marks leading up to the building.

Chris threw his feet into the air to avoid being pinned under the car. He worried about Mary Jane.

“I couldn’t find my dog and I looked inside the building and she was inside the building.”

He showed us the bruises on his legs from the collision. Mary Jane had been injured too.

Chris says Robinson pulled out without a word to him.

“They just put it in reverse and as you can see Dairy Queen over there. They went through the parking lot, went out and pulled right in there,” he said.

Within hours Robinson was caught, arrested at his home in North Highlands.

CBS13 went to the Dairy Queen Monday to speak with the co-worker but was told she had left for the day.

Robinson was booked into the Sacramento County Jail and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He also had an arrest warrant for driving without a licence, insurance and registration and failure to appear in court. His bail is $107,473.


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